iPhone 5 Release Date Oct 7 Pre-order End September

Yes folks yet another new release date has surfaced for the next generation iPhone, a subject that seems to change day to day as that anticipated launch of the iPhone 5 creeps closer. Only yesterday we posted that the latest speculation is that next iPhone could release on or about the 12th of September, but that seems to have changed once again with the latest piece of iPhone 5 release date news.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, they have heard from sources, of the unnamed variety of course, that Apple is set to launch the next generation iOS smartphone on the 7th of October or possibly the 14th of October, but apparently is currently hoping to hit that 7th release date.

Furthermore, it appears that the iOS faithful will be able to pre-order the iPhone 5 towards the end of September, apparently old Apple is chewing over the pre-order day and hasn’t actually finalised it yet, but is considering either the 29th of Sept, or the 30th.

Their sources however, say that the 30th of September would seem the more likely pre-order date for the iPhone 5, why they haven’t said, so don’t really back up their 30th claim. Of course a pre-order of the new iPhone at the end of September should mean Apple will hold their fall event earlier in the month and unveil the device as predicted.

Of course the word is that Apple will be delivering two new iOS smartphones in the fall, the iPhone 5 of course and the less expensive iPhone, the name of which is still up for debate. However there has been no mention of this cheaper iPhone coming at the same time as the iPhone 5 on or about the 7th of October, so we still seem to be a bit in the dark on that one.

Of course you know what comes next, as these dates come from an unnamed source the information is unconfirmed and thus still remains in the realms of speculation and should therefore be taken with a large pinch of salt as no doubt tomorrow or the next day someone else will come up with yet another new speculated release date for the much talked about new iPhone.

So here’s my prediction, Apple will release the next generation iPhone and or a cheaper model if it actually exists, sometime in September, October, or beyond, I think that covers all the bases for now.

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