Samsung Galaxy S Review (GT I9000) A Modding perspective

When I bought my Samsung Galaxy S I read quite a few reviews beforehand just to get a grip on what kind of phone this was. Despite this extensive research I did not know how much fun it would be for me to own one.

I say me here, because what seems fun to me is not always as much fun for the next person.

So there it was, boxed in a beautiful black cardboard box, inside I could find the “in-ear headset”, charger and USB cable and manual. A Manual for this device felt kind of unnecessary since Android OS guides you through the basic setup when you initially start your phone.

Getting the back cover off to insert the SIM did not take much effort, the back piece being shiny plastic, feeling on the thinner side but it also cuts of a few grams of total weight on the phone as a whole of course.

One eye catcher as you turn the phone on is the screen, it is big in a nice way, Super AMOLED, 16M colours, and 4-inch display is indeed radiant! and power consuming, but hey! If I wanted a zombie in my pocket I would have bought one instead.

Tons of features of course, 5MP camera, A2DP, Face Recognition, Social Apps, Swype, proximity sensor, FM radio, A-GPS, WLAN, and the list could go on and on. Its there, most of the modern day smartphone features are there. Believe me, packed to the rafters with features.

This is probably not a phone for anyone who just needs to make and receive calls but then again, I suspect you would not be reading this if that was all you were interested in to do with a phone either.

I like to tweak stuff; meaning if there is any benefit at all replacing ROM on any device used in my daily life I usually can’t resist doing so. Samsung Galaxy S has (as other Android based phones) a huge amount of developers creating custom themes, ROMs and apps. This is the part that blew my mind.

The ease of installing newer, modded, unbloated versions of Android OS created by phenomenal individuals teaming up made me stuck to this path. The path of leaving Samsung installed ROM and Apps and going up the road to liberty. As a tech junkie I love it.

What also helps, using a Galaxy S phone is the fact that this phone is practically impossible to brick. (By bricking a device, something goes wrong while installing and the device in question becomes unusable, aka brick.)

With the help of excellent instructions found, paired with a user community breaking their backs in their efforts to help anyone out stuck with problems there is no need to even glance on other phones, or Operating systems for phones.

I can, if I would knock my head severely and discover I want my phone to have a more “iphone-style”look, install a ROM for that purpose, but I am not in need of that.

Currently, (and since I bought my phone) I am running my Samsung Galaxy S with a Gingerbread based ROM developed by a team who live at DarkyRom. This is for me, as tastes vary someone else might prefer other kind of ROMs for their phones. That’s the beauty of the whole Android world. Diversity from unity.

To summarize the whole:

Pros: Excellent phone, decent camera, nice and slick design. Great Screen, featuring AMOLED of the Super kind. Unbrickable, Super customizable.

Cons: No LED flash for camera, actually no flash at all to support the camera.

Just wish to say a big thank you to Petri for the hands on review above, why not add him to your Google+ Circles right here.


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  1. Melanie says:

    I agree.  I have this phone for over a year now and can’t really fault it other than it disconnects mid conversation.  I know a couple of other users who have experienced this. Have to put the phone on speaker or on headsets to avoid this.

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