iPhone 5 Not Wanted, Consider Best Buy Free 3GS Offering (AT&T)

Are you the one who is not interested in the new Apple iPhone 5? Well if it is the case of the iPhone 5 not wanted you may want to consider visiting Best Buy, because today is the day of the ‘Best Buy Free 3GS Offering (AT&T).

There are a few select customers that are not interested in the iPhone 4 or the upcoming iPhone 5, if you are looking at buying an iPhone 3GS on the AT&T network you might want to head on over to Best Buy for today’s special deal that will not cost you nothing for the smartphone.

The Best Buy Apple iPhone 3GS with 8GB Memory in black for free, this went live today online.

The iPhone 3GS can be yours for free with a two-year activation contract from AT&T; if you visit Best Buy US you will see this amazing offering. Normally the price would be $49.99 with activation but obviously to make more shelf room for the Apple iPhone 5 they need to get rid of the 3GS as quickly as possible and what better way to do this by offering the handset for free.

The Apple 3GS will discontinue so if you want one please hurry, stocks will go and then that will be it.

If you decide to go with the Best Buy offering you will get the iPhone 3GS with 8GB Memory, Dock connector to USB cable, USB power adapter, earphones and owners manual.

More iPhone News (Just a recap): iPhone 5 contest has made its way on Facebook, according to AT&T’s vice president the iPhone 5 will release early October, for more news on everything iPhone please visit here.

Please do let us know if you will be buying the iPhone 3GS via Best Buy, we would also like to know if you are waiting for the Apple iPhone 5, all comments most welcome in the area provided below. Thanks

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