WebOS, Someone Wants It Saved: Video

As you no doubt know by now, HP has scrapped the HP TouchPad along with any plans to deliver any webOS smartphones in the future, and also will not be licensing the operating system so others can use it, which basically means HP has consigned webOS to the trashcan.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have an issue with webOS no longer being offered as it proved to be the downfall of Palm and also hasn’t done HP nay favours, so why would anyone want to license the OS anyway?

However apparently there is at least someone who wants webOS saved and has made a video plea for the saving of the operating system, which we have for your viewing consideration below courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of Webos Roundup.

The video footage made by YouTube user Hethfilms lasts just over a minute and tries to show the maker’s adoration of webOS and what it has to offer, and of course you do get to see the fated HP TouchPad.

The footage ends with the message “@HP #savewebos” which basically means if you feel the same way as the maker of the video hit up Twitter and let your voice be heard by tweeting the message, no doubt hoping to pull off enough of a saviour campaign to get HP to change their mind.

Would HP make a U-turn on webOS if enough Twitter users tweeted @HP #savewebos, I don’t really know, but as the operating system has failed with two manufacturers already perhaps it is time it was finally laid to rest.

Head on down to mash that play button and check out the plea to save webOS, and of course if you feel the same way or not we’d love to know your opinion so please drop us a comment on the matter to our comments area below…enjoy.

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