Apple iPad 3 Displays Supplied By LG Samsung And Sharp

We all know that Apple is working on the next generation Apple iPad, but no one is too sure when the Apple iPad 3 is likely to see release, and there has been some uncertainty as to just which company would provide the displays for the Apple iPad 3, however apparently Apple has now made their decision on that matter.

According to an article over on iDownloadblog, Chinese website DigiTimes is reporting that Apple has finally come to a decision as to what companies will manufacture the display for the Apple iPad 3, and has actually chosen three suppliers.

Those three suppliers are LG Display, Samsung Electronics, and Sharp, with LG Display having the lion’s share of iPad 3 display supplies with Samsung in second position, however apparently Samsung could slip from that number two slot to Sharp.

According to the unnamed “industry sources” “Sharp stands a chance of overtaking the Korea competitor if it is able to run stable supplies of quality panels for the Apple tablet.”

Not that it would really make any difference to the end user of course as basically the customer doesn’t really care who supplies the parts for their iOS tablet as long as it works as promised.

Although considering the current bloody spat between Apple and Samsung it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Sharp and LG Display end up as the main suppliers of iPad 3 displays. But as they say, all fair in love and war, and we all know Apple is having a patent war with Samsung.

Anyway, Apple has finally sorted out who they would like to supply the display for the next generation iPad so all we really need now is a nice confirmed release date for the iOS slate, something that somehow I don’t think we will be getting in the near future.

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