iPhone 5 Commercials Underway Completion Early Oct

Well we get a little closer to that all-important iPhone 5 release date today as it appears that Apple has now begun production of advertising spots for the next generation iPhone on the west coast and said commercials aren’t expected to be completed until sometime early in October.

According to the guys over at Apple Insider, a “person familiar with the matter” claims that long time Apple ad agency TBWAChiatDay is making the TV advert spots in Los Angeles.

Another unnamed person that apparently has a “proven track record” claims that the first-run campaign production schedules are set to wrap up in “the middle of the first week of October,” which basically means that those rumours of the iPhone 5 possibly releasing in September no longer count.

Obviously Apple isn’t going to push out the much talked about iPhone 5 before they have a TV advert campaign already in the bag and waiting to promote the iOS smartphone to with whole world, thus it would appear that the handset wont see release until after the first week of October.

Obviously October ties in quite nicely with previous rumours such as an AT&T VP confirmed an early Oct release, and also quite nicely with the Sprint iPhone 5 release my colleague Mark reported on earlier.

Also as Apple doesn’t really need an iPhone 5 ad campaign to be in place to allow pre-ordering of the handset, the rumour of pro-order starting towards the end of September could well be true.

Thus it seems that everything is coming together that points towards a release date for the iPhone 5 as after the first week in October, which let’s be honest isn’t really that long to wait for the darling device to come out to play is it, although of course Apple could choose to release the iPhone 5 at a later date.

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