BlackBerry OS 7 Mystery: Hidden Android Code Within

Will BlackBerry devices running the Android platform come to customers in the future? This is a question many have emailed us, but news just in points towards BlackBerry OS 7 with Android code within.

The BlackBerry OS leaked copy is popping up and it shows Android code inside, is this the case of RIM incorporating Android emulation in the QNX platform.

It is hard to believe anything at the moment and we need more hard evidence via some source code to prove it correct, if you visit Berry Review they have a screenshot of the Android Open Source Project.

The source above also reports that there was a leak of OS on the BlackBerry Torch 9810, showing the “About Device Versions” within the settings page.

Where does Android come in? We ask this question because according to a commenter via Berry Review aka Bla1ze, the code could pint towards the new BBJapanese fonts in BlackBerry OS 7, Bla1ze also said “I am running a BlackBerry 9930 on Verizon and it has those fonts in the official .254 OS and it does not have this copyright notice”

Not really much to go on as of yet but we would like to ask you one simple question, “Do you think BlackBerry Devices will be Android powered in the future?”

Please do use the commenting area provided below, whilst you are in the commenting area please let us know what BlackBerry device you would love to see Android OS on, thanks (Screenshot below)


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