Galaxy S II Not Verizon Bound: Annoyed?

Some sad news for the Android faithful playing on the Big Red network, as the word is the latest flagship Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone from the Samsung Camp, the Samsung Galaxy S II is not Verizon bound, as the Big Red has decided to pass on the device.

According to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, the Wall Street Journal reported that during an event on Monday at New York’s Time Warner Center, Samsung said the Samsung Galaxy S II will begin being offered in September by AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile however Verizon Wireless will not be offering the Galaxy S II.

The BGR guys say they have confirmed this with multiple sources and Samsung wont be unveiling a Verizon Galaxy S II variant on the 29th of August at their New York City launch event.

However, apparently the Big Red won’t miss out entirely, as apparently the BGR guys confirm that a similar spec Samsung smartphone will launch on the Verizon network, a device that the guys suggest could be a successor to the Samsung Droid Charge.

As to just why Verizon will not be offering its Android customer the Samsung Galaxy S II, which was originally thought to be the Samsung Stratosphere, but turned out to be untrue as the Samsung Stratosphere is a different smartphone destined for the carrier, hasn’t been said.

Although Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney said, “We have an extensive portfolio that offers customers a great variety of devices, including the Samsung Droid Charge,” but didn’t elaborate further.

So there you have it, the Big Red will not be offering customers the Samsung Galaxy S II, but rather some other as yet unknown smartphone, so does this decision by Verizon annoy any of our Big Red readers who may have been waiting to snap up the Galaxy S II?

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