HP TouchPad Free 2nd 6-pack of Apps

The other day HP decided to offer six free webOS apps for users of the HP TouchPad in the USA, and apparently that app giveaway was such a good success many missed out of getting the free applications, so Hp has now done it again and put up another six free apps pack for you to download.

According to the HP Palm Blog, once again this new six pack of apps for the HP TouchPad are for US users only and each has a new promotional code to enter to grab the apps and the previous promo codes will no longer work.

So here’s those six free apps…Big Boss usually $1.99, Camera for TouchPad usually $0.99, Angry Birds Rio HD usually $1.99, Quell HD usually $1.99, Pennant usually $4.99, and FlightPredictor usually $1.99, so that’s a saving of almost $14.00.

So now all you need is the promo codes and here they are…Big Boss promo code (rlhul24446cnvjo) — Camera for TouchPad promo code (qnauu98845swgrt) — Angry Birds Rio HD promo code (xsgsc06319eeqrk) — Quell HD promo code (urber52865hgtqc) — Pennant promo code (ltrns51564vabdu) — FlightPredictor promo code (htukc87057kxshv).

As previously stated these promo codes for this second six pack of TouchPad apps are for the USA only but HP has said they will deliver free promo codes for other countries as soon as they become available.

If HP TouchPad users experience any issues using the codes to grab the apps you need to make sure you are running the latest system software and App Catalog and all should be fine.

So there you have it if you didn’t manage to take advantage of the first free app offer if you act quick enough then you just might be able to grab this second sic pack for your webOS slate, so feel free to let us know if you manage to get them or not.


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