iPhone 5 Wont Sport Bigger Display Claims Source

Phones Review Quickie: Up until now the speculation and rumours have all had the next generation iPhone to sport a bigger display panel of around 4.2 inches it appears that those rumours are untrue and the iPhone 5 is expected to come out to play sporting a 3.5 to 3.7-inch display and not many differences to the current iPhone 4.

According to an article over on Apple Insider by way of DigiTimes, sources from “upstream panel suppliers” have revealed that the panel size of the iPhone 5 will be “less than 4-inches,” and will “not have many differences,” to the present iOS smartphone.

However one of the main differences according to said sources is that the iPhone 5 will do away with the reinforced glass back found on the iPhone 4 and instead will use a metal chassis on the back of the iPhone 5.

Here’s what the source apparently stated, “ the iPhone 5 will adopt a 3.5- to 3.7-inch panel with a design to allow the bezel of the panel to become thinner and make the screen look larger.”

Previously rumoured specs for the iPhone 5 include “a 4- to 4.2-inch HD touch panel, 8-megapixel camera, Full HD video recording, A5 dual-core processor and new ultra-thin industrial design;” but apparently the source thinks these are based on market expectations for the iPhone 5 and not real specifications.

In the past we have heard many iPhone 5 rumours including that both Sprint and T-Mobile will gain the iPhone 5 along with the next generation iPhone being a global dual mode phone, however obviously everything to do with the iPhone 5 is just guess work until such times as Apple gets all official and comes clean.

So what do our readers think about this latest bit of iPhone 5 news, will you be very disappointed if the iPhone 5 isn’t that much different from the current iPhone 4?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Wont Sport Bigger Display Claims Source”

  1. Dean Jewson says:

    If they don’t up the screen size, apple are going to seriously fall behind.
    I have had both the 3GS and 4 but switched to android as I was sick of Apple restrictive nature with their phones, even though I jailbroke mine.
    I am currently running a HTC Desire HD and it blows the iPhone away and this is not the latest handset
    The HTC Waikiki, Bionic etc will trounce the iphone 5 if it doesn’t up its game to compete.
    I am neither an Apple fan boy or an Android fan boy either as I have both in my arsenal.
    Ipad 1 (Which the lack of flash is quite restrictive – but the apps do make up for it somewhat)

    HTC Desire HD

    iMac 27″ i5

    I just want tech that does what I want it to…
    Not what someone else decides they want me to want it to.

  2. To be honest I think when you get to a 4″ screen it just becomes too large. Phones stop fitting in lots of pockets, it becomes harder to hold, it’s just not something I like. I’d much rather it stay the same, or very slightly larger, size with the ‘padding’ becoming smaller.

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