iOS 5 and iCloud Training Starts: iPhone 5 Immanent?

As you are no doubt aware, Apple will deliver a new mobile operating system along with the iPhone 5, and before they release that new iOS, naturally Apple needs to train their retail staff, and the latest word hitting the net is Apple has now begun training retail employees on iOS 5 and iCloud.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, training with iOS 5 and iCloud is achieved via a new section in Apple’s recently released internal RetailMe app, while typically Apple trains staff on a new iOS prior to a release of a new iOS smartphone.

This could mean that as Apple has begun training with iOS 5 in the last several days it could point towards an immanent release of the much talked about iPhone 5. Apple usually starts their training a couple of weeks before a product launch so this could mean that the next generation iPhone could possible surface early October as rumoured.

Along with iOS 5 training Apple is also training staffers on iCloud, which Apple said, would launch alongside iOS 5 because of its service being fully integrated with Apple products including the iPhone 5.

Earlier reports have it that manufacturers are assembling the iPhone 5 and socking the devices as Apple hasn’t yet got iOS 5 ready to install, but if Apple has now begun training with iOS 5 then the OS should be ready, so it all looks on target for an early October release.

Of course having said that, no confirmation has yet come from the Apple camp and as such this again must be treated as rumour until such times as Apple officially let the waiting world know when they can expect the next iPhone, iOS 5 and iCloud.

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