Apple’s Steve Jobs Tribute Song: Video

Phones Review Quickie: As you no doubt are aware, iPhone guru and Apple CEO Steve Jobs has given up the CEO-ship and is taking less of the Apple limelight, no doubt to many of the iOS faithful’s sorrow. And there are some that consider Steve as the best there is and thus have come up with a tribute song and video, which of course we have for your viewing consideration below.

The Steve Jobs Tribute “We all are Steve” video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of YouTube user Pantlessknights, and delivers an almost four minutes tribute to the head of the Apple empire.

The tribute video starts off with the words “We are all Steve,” and then begins with an Apple chant and quick shots of Apple gear, with the first words of the tribute song being “There’s never been a leader this good.”

The blur on the YouTube page says…” We made this song and video as a tribute to Steve Jobs for everything he’s done to change our lives through technology. We’ve all been influenced by him in some way, so to some degree we all are Steve! Thanks to everyone who made this video possible.”

Have to say it’s not a bad song if you are into rap style tunes, and apparently the tribute song was inspired by Jay-Z’s retirement anthem “What More Can I Say.”

Anyway for all the Steve Jobs fans out there, head on down and mash that play button to check out the tribute to Steve Jobs “We are all Steve,” footage…enjoy.

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