iPhone 5 Prototype Sparks Internal Investigation By SFPD

As you know, Apple has lost an iPhone 5 prototype under similar circumstances to when they lost the iPhone 4 prototype last year and there was some confusion as to whether the San Francisco Police Department was involved in attending the location where the lost iOS prototype was suspected of being. The word is that San Francisco officers accompanied Apple investigator to the location, but it appears that for some strange unexplained reason no official police reports n the matter was filed.

Thus according to an article over on 9to5 Mac by way of Cnet, the San Francisco Police Department have now launched an internal investigation into exactly what role their officers played in the hunt for the missing iPhone 5 prototype.

SFPD Lt. Troy Dangerfield commented that the department has begun an internal investigation to find out how officers assisted the Apple investigators when they visited Bernal heights in July in search of the missing device.

Dangerfield has stated that officers had accompanied two Apple investigators to the address however the officers did not enter, but stepped aside when the occupier, Sergio Calderon agreed to the Apple investigators searching his home.

After the search, Calderon claimed that he presumed all the officers were from the police, as the Apple investigators didn’t identify themselves as such, and would not have allowed the search if he had known they were not police officers.

Thus it would appear that there is still some confusion over just what roll the officers took in this matter and thus an internal investigation has begun, which means the department will be again talking with all those involved including Calderon.

Well I guess it wont locate the missing iPhone 5, but should bring some clarification as to whether the Apple investigators tried to use the cops as leverage or not, but no doubt this will continue for some time yet.

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