Apple iPad 1 Minute Best Buy Heist

Obviously the Apple iPad is a highly desired piece of tech, apparently so much so that a group of thieves decided to break into a Best Buy store in Florida and make off with several of the iOS slates in a heist that netted the crooks a haul worth $60,000 in just a single minute.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Cult of Mac, a trio of thieves dressed in dark clothing broke into the Best Buy location at approximately 4:46 Monday morning by prying open the rear door.

Apparently once gaining entrance the crooks made a beeline for the iOS tablets and snatched between sixty and ninety Apple iPad units, which they dumped into a black bin and made their getaway before the cops reached the scene.

According to the police report the heist took just a minute to complete, but still doesn’t snatch the record for the fastest break in when it comes to Apple gear as that record is held by crooks who robbed an Apple retailer in Ohio of twenty-four laptops along with an Apple iPad back in May in just thirty seconds.

Obviously the three crooks must have cased the joint beforehand to know exactly where the Apple iPad were as lets face it a minute isn’t a great deal of time to get in, grab your haul and get out without being caught is it, although it doesn’t say how long it took the cops to arrive at the scene.

Thus it would appear that a few cheap Apple iPads will be making their way into the tablet space, so if you are offered an iPad on the cheap just remember you might be receiving stolen goods.

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