Samsung Strikes At Apple With Patent Fight In France

The bloody patent disputes between two giants of the mobile space, Apple and Samsung takes another twist as the word is old Samsung has now struck back at Apple by filing a patent complaint against Apple in France over patent infringements concerning the iPhone and Apple iPad.

According to the guys over on Slash Gear by way of the AFP, Samsung filed said complain in a Paris court back in July and the first hearing of the case is expected to take place in December.

As you probably know Apple has been constantly going after Samsung blood over the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other Samsung gear resulting in the Android slate being permanently banned in Germany, and Samsung continues to fight their corner in other countries.

Unlike Apple’s claims that Samsung Gear copies the design of Apple gear, the Samsung filing in France focuses on three tech patents for UMTS mobile phone technologies, with a source claiming the complaint targets the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, along with first and second generation iPads.

It is unclear just why Samsung chose now to reveal the patent complaint against Apple, but no doubt old Sammy wants everyone to know that they are not bowing down to Apple demands and will continue to fight against the iOS giant’s claims.

No doubt this will be yet another patent battle that will take a donkey’s age to resolve and all the time both Samsung and Apple are at loggerheads over patents it has an effect on delivering new tech to the mobile space, so perhaps its about time these two got round a table and came to a mutual agreement that can end this continuing confrontation.

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