iPhone 5 Release Oct 15 and iOS 5 Oct 10 Rumour

More rumour on the release date for the much talked about next generation iOS smartphone today along with some speculation on the release of Apple’s next operating system, iOS 5, with word that AppleCare should prepare for an eightfold increase in customer calls.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Apple Insider. The word is Apple has told AppleCare to be prepared for a rise in customer calls on October the 10th and that calls should be in relation to iOS, signalling perhaps Apple intends on releasing iOS 5 on that date.

However the word comes via the usual “person familiar with the matter,” and wouldn’t confirm that iOS 5 will actually see release on Monday the 10th of October so this info remains firmly in the realms of rumour.

As for the speculation on the release of the next generation iPhone, apparently earlier in the week French site iPhone.fr reported that Orange France CEO Stephane Richard, in an interview with BFM TV said, “If I believe what we heard, the iPhone will be released Oct. 15.”

Yesterday we reported on a claim that O2 UK had said that they would be receiving the next generation iPhone as of the 21st of October, again only rumour, but if these rumours turn out to be spot on we can expect the iPhone 5 to release in the US before Europe so the rumoured early October release date looks to be on the mark.

However, as always, all this is pure speculation and should be treated as such until such times as Apple comes out and delivers confirmation as to when we can expect both iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 to come out an play.


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