iPhone 5 Release Date O2 UK 21st Oct Claim

Well now it looks like the United Kingdom may see the release of the next generation iPhone on the 21st of next month if the latest word is anything to go by, as apparently there is a claim going round that O2 UK customer service has stated the iPhone 5 will see release on the 21st of October.

According to the guys over at Know Your Mobile they have been contacted by an unnamed tipster who claims to have spoken to O2 customer service on the phone, and an OS rep told said tipster that “the iPhone 5 would be getting release on October 21.”

There have been many rumours around the release date for the next generation iOS smartphone, with some saying the iPhone 5 will launch early October in the US so that October 21st for the UK seems to be plausible.

Having said that, and as I always say, unless confirmation comes directly from the horses mouth, in this case, Apple’s then all this remains firmly in rumour territory and as such should be treaded so.

The guys say that there are plenty of predictions when it comes to the release of the iPhone 5, but “ this is the first time we’ve heard something concrete from inside a UK-based network.” So one presumes they are not questioning the validity of their tipster’s information and taking it on face value.

Apparently the O2 UK rep didn’t elaborate any further on specs or news, but has confirmed that the iPhone 5 is releasing on O2 on October the 21st. So what do you reckon on this latest bit of iPhone 5 news, will O2 actually offer the iPhone 5 come Oct 21?


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  1. Anonymous says:


    “News” like this makes me laugh. As if a spotty teenager in customer service at O2 is going to be privvy to information that managers at Apple Retail stores arn’t even aware of….. yawn.

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