Apple iPad 2 For Sprint On Its Way

As you know, Sprint will be gaining the iPhone 5 when the iOS smartphone eventually makes it out the Apple door, and the latest word is Sprint will also be gaining the Apple iPad 2 at some point, whether that happens alongside the launch of the iPhone 5 remains to be seen, but apparently it is coming.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, the Sprint Apple iPad is now ready and waiting for launch on their network and apparently should be released before the holidays, although it is unclear where the Sprint iPad will support 4G WiMAX.

However according to an article over on TUAW, it has been suggested that the Apple iPad 2 for Sprint will be a 4G enabled tablet although there is no confirmation on that information, so remains in the land of rumour for now.

Apparently the Sprint Apple iPad 2 is completely different to the CDMA Apple iPad 2 for Verizon Wireless, and the guys say why would Apple now user the same CDMA iPad that runs on the Verizon Network rather than building a completely new version, which could intimate that Sprint’s iOS slate will have something different to offer, thus possibly 4G.

Although there’s obviously no word on just when the Apple iPad 2 will arrive on Sprint, the guys say that the iPhone 5 according to their source is scheduled for release on October the 7th and suggest that the Sprint iPad will arrive either with the iPhone 5 or shortly after.

Naturally as this is Apple gear we are talking about and Apple hasn’t let on when anything will be happening all this should be taken with the usual dose of salt.

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