Samsung Bests Apple In European Smartphone Sales

Apparently in Europe old Samsung has now overtaken rival Apple when it comes to selling smartphones, having shipped some 4.8 million devices while apparently Apple has shifted 4.6 million iPhone units, according to IDC, with HTC picking up the third position, so perhaps HTC’s Martin Fichter wasn’t too far off with his uncool remark.

This little bit of European smartphone sales info comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo, who say obviously the Samsung Galaxy S II should be the device that gets credit for overtaking the iPhone in Europe.

Also one can understand just why smartphone makers are at each other’s throats suing each other left right and centre, and shows just why Apple is going after Samsung blood in the courts trying to get their devices banned across the globe as they have done in Germany with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The fact that Samsung is doing so well and has overtaken Apple so quickly in Europe seems to show that perhaps the iPhone is losing popularity in Europe at least in favour of Android smartphones, which could be the reason Apple is going after Android handset makers as they are turning into too much of a threat to the iOS handset.

The Ubergizmo guys also say that Android is the number one in terms of market share, and even the release of the iPhone 5 probably wont change that.

Whether Samsung can maintain their lead over the iPhone in Europe once the iPhone 5 comes out remains to be seen, but if Apple continues to be successful in gaining bans on Samsung devices it will sure take a hefty rival out of the competition leaving the field reasonably clear for Apple don’t you think.

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