Samsung Nexus Prime Details Revealed By Rep?

Yes well now, these latest spec details for the upcoming new Android flagship smartphone out of the Samsung camp, the Samsung Nexus Prime, or Samsung Galaxy Prime, whichever you wish to call it, and come by way of an anonymous user, the same source that also revealed specs for the new Samsung Galaxy S III, and as such should be taken as rumour for the time being at least.

According to the guys over on Technobuffalo, by way of Android and Me, a 4Chan user, who’s article has unfortunately been removed from the website so can’t be validated, has said a Samsung rep stopped by his workplace to shed some light on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich packing Nexus Prime.

Now just why a Samsung rep would pop into this guys workplace to spill a few beans is beyond me, and is why I say should be treated as rumour. Anyway here’s what apparently the specs line up to…a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display, Samsung dual core Exynos 1.5GHz processor, 16GB internal storage, 2000mAh battery, and an 8.8mm thick metal body.

Apparently the Samsung Nexus Prime will look similar to the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, so that would be the Samsung Epic 4G Touch then, with round edges but also similar to the Google Nexus S with curved glass.

Here’s what was apparently said on the Android device… “The phone is blazingly fast; I guess it’s as fast the SGS II. It has no issues with general use and opens apps, drawers, etc. instantly. No lag. I tried opening a whole bunch of apps, but it was still running smooth and would auto-kill once it got overloaded anyway, so you never feel the performance taking a hit.”

Also… “Ice Cream Sandwich is very nice. It works like the current Gingerbread OS but has gotten a major facelift. The menus are a lot nicer and smoother, screens have a ‘glassy’ look to them. It just feels more polished”

So there you have it, the rumoured specs and design of the Samsung Nexus Prime; that is of course if all pans out to be spot on, although that Samsung rep visiting this guys workplace just to give him the low down of the Nexus Prime does seem a bit suspect to me, and funny how all evidence of that encounter has now disappeared.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That same rep dropped over to my place while I was mowing the grass and said they are working on the Droid Gargoyle, a 61″ super cell to be sold by Big Red during the summer of 2035. 3D and surround sound. Battery life is 32 sec.

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