Samsung Nexus Prime Rumoured Release Date?

It appears that some rather obscure info on the rumoured release date for the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone; the Samsung Nexus Prime has hit the net waves via Twitter, but some have picked up on it and ran with it, so see what you think.

According to an article over on Fone Home, gaming clan and community website Panda Nation contributor Tom Fleming has tweeted a strange comment which goes like this… “Fore on the date Bruce Wayne’s true father did die; you shall in fact be able to buy in stores of red and black.”

And this has now been associated with the release date for the Samsung Nexus Prime. Apparently the tweet refers to Batman creator Bob Kane who died on the 3rd of November, and also red and black stores meaning Verizon, and as Fleming has that Nexus Prime logo as his Twitter image one can assume he may know more than some about the release of the new Android device.

However, having said that, Fleming has offered no conformation as to where he came by the knowledge that the Samsung Nexus Prime could se launch on the 3rd of November, so for now has to be deemed as a rumour.

Not too sure why Fleming has to make his little tweet so cryptic, because if he does have hard evidence the Nexus Prime will surface on the 3rd why not just say so, as he doesn’t give any reason why the 3rd of November should be the release date.

Seems to me a strange way of getting word out, but I guess Fleming could be a Batman fan and so decided to simply use that reference rather than actually stating the Samsung Nexus Prime, who knows.

Anyway for what its worth, Fleming seems to think that the Nexus Prime will come out to play on the Verizon network as of the 3rd of November, do you think he’s right?


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  1. Sean Davis says:

    My sources (good friend who runs a company providing corporate cell and internet solutions, including sprint, att & verizon but hooks up his close friends with service) checked with his sprint contact. Per this senior sprint contact, the Nexus prime will hit both AT&T and Sprint on November 24th.

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