An iPhone 4 Photography Story When Travelling

This is all about the forgotten digital camera, and so I thought I would share with you an iPhone 4 photography story when travelling. I took two weeks out and travelled to Zante (Zakynthos) in Greece, and stayed at Vasilikos Beach Hotel.

I took my digital camera with me everywhere I went, but on one particular day I forgot it, which must admit angered me slightly as wanted to take lots of pictures whilst on a tour of the island. As soon as I left the hotel there in the distance between the trees swaying was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen, it was definitely worth me getting out the digital camera and start snapping shots off.

So walked down to the beach where I knew I could get the best photos, you are now thinking that I should have run up to the room opened the door and got the digital camera, and yes this would have made sense but my partner and myself were already running late for the island tour and would not have had time to run up to the room, I rushed into the hotel room, grabbed the camera only to run back down to the beach to start snapping shots off, this is where my Apple iPhone 4 came into play, and boy it was playing very hard indeed.

Of course I thought to myself that the iPhone 4 would not provide decent pictures, as did not have any apps to enhance the photos, just the basic camera and my finger to take photos is all I had.

Ok iPhone 4 shall we see what you are made of, the sun is rising, the iPhone is in hand and the camera app is now open.

I took the photos of the sun rising as you can see below, once I took the photos I run back to the hotel car park and boarded the waiting taxi to take my partner and myself to Argassi where we would be picking up the coach via My Tours, which was then taking us to Zakynthos port to pick up the cruise boat for the island tour.

It was such as shame I was saying to myself as really wanted the digital camera, some of the sights were pure amazing to say the least and surely an Apple iPhone 4 will not be up to the job to produce quality photos like you would expect to get via a simple 10x digital camera, well think again.

After a very long day, we got back to the hotel late evening. Whilst my partner was having a shower I decided to transfer the photos I took via the iPhone 4 to my MacBook Air, and surprise surprise the photos looked stunning, which you can clearly see below.

Now I am not a professional photographer with thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment, for me the iPhone 4 pictures are high-quality but of course to a professional they will see the flaws in the pictures I took, but for the average Joe they are reasonably good.

Take a look at the photos I took using the iPhone 4 when travelling and let me know what you think of them. I am up for honest opinions as constructive criticism is always good in my eyes. To enlarge the images below just click on them. Thanks

For more information about Vasilikos Beach Hotel in Zante (Zakynthos) please visit TripAdvisor, I will be adding my personal review to this a little later today.

The Photos via iPhone 4:

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