Android Mobile Security Software via Trend Micro Titanium

Trend Micro has recently released its new Android mobile security software; this is all about the new launch of Titanium Tablet Security for Android that will protect both tablets and smartphones that uses the Google Android operating system.

There are a few main features that stick out the most with the new Mobile Security Personal Ed, and these include: Anti-malware scanner app, Lost Device Protection, Surf, Call, and Text Security.

Having that extra personal protection on your Android device gives you peace of mind, Trend Micro are leaders in global cloud security and of course mobile security. Android has had many malware attacks over a period of time and threats that could potentially damage your device is something that needs protecting; apparently the threats have risen by 800% since February 2011.

Key Features in Detail –

Lost Device Protection: From a personal online portal, owners can locate a lost device on a Google map, remotely lock it or even wipe it clean to protect their personal information. If the device can’t be found it can be locked from the portal at www.TrendMicro.com/ilostmyandroid, and if all else fails the user can wipe the contents by triggering a factory reset. As a safeguard, if the SIM card is removed the device is also automatically locked

Anti-malware scanner app: Designed to block infected apps from installing and stealing personal information; the App Scanner is available to download free of charge from the Android Market

Surf, Call, and Text Security: Designed to block online threats like banking scams, blocks unwanted calls and text messages and designed to block inappropriate websites to protect your children in line with your personal web surfing policy. Leveraging the power of the Trend Microâ„¢ Smart Protection Network infrastructure, which blocks over 5 billion threats daily, all websites visited on the device browser are checked against the same reputation databases that protect Trend Micro’s global customer base.

“With the sheer amount of personal information now being stored and sent via personal mobile devices, it’s imperative that everyone protects themselves against malicious applications, protecting personal and financial information. For many, their Android device is an extension of their computer so when these devices are lost or misplaced, it’s more important that they can be recovered, or at least ensure that the sensitive data is deleted. The software is available from retail stores and the Android Market, where we are offering the anti-malware scanner app for free — encouraging as many people as possible to protect their digital lives.” said Karen Hicks, Consumer Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Trend Micro.

If you visit the Android Market you will see that the new Mobile Security Personal Ed app by Trend Micro is free, but if you wish to get the full service including Lost Device Protection and Surf, Call, Text Security is available within the app, priced at for £14.99 for a 1-year subscription.

If you already have this new security set-up, please do let us know what you think of it. Your reviews are very important to other readers who are considering installing. Thanks


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