Android Mortgage Apps: Refinancing Your Home & Advice

Recession as hit hard all over the world, with many homeowners thinking about mortgage refinancing. You may not be able to pay for your mortgage due to many reasons such as loss of job, high interest rates etc and so on.

We have decided to compile a few Android mortgage apps covering refinancing your home that gives great advice, we do hope these applications will help you rest easy.

The first app is called “Mortgage Refinancing PRO trial” this is a free application via the Android Market and contains so much to help you if you are considering refinancing.

Refinancing your home loan need not be a difficult task; this app is a little smaller version of the full Mortgage Calculator PRO suite and is designed for people wishing to refinance their mortgage. Many questions always pop up such as: How long do you plan to live in the home? And of course how much will it cost you to refinance your mortgage loan?

Enter your current loan information and of course the proposed refinance loan information as this helps to calculate the break-even point and potential cost savings from refinancing your mortgage.

You can also buy the above app as the full Pro version, this is priced at £2.79 via the Android Market.

The next app is simply called “Mortgage Refinancing Calculator”, not a lot of information here, as it is self-explanatory, you can install this app via the Android Market for free.

Another app via the Android Market is called, “Get Your Home Refinanced”, this app is only 87p. Main features here include: Planning to refinance your loan, The traditional loan and the options of refinancing, Consider certain factors before getting a refinance on the home, Always consider to get credit scores right before refinancing the loan, Guide to getting your home refinanced, Shopping for the best refinance deal, Home finance involves risk, Importance of understanding the quotes available online, To choose a refinance that helps in the economic growth and Getting the right refinance for your property.

If you know of any other Android mortgage apps covering refinancing your home and advice, please do let us know.

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