iPhone 4 Accessories: iTattoo Snap Case

Phones Review Quickie: Perhaps you are somewhat fed up with that Apple Bumper defacing your beloved iPhone 4 and are looking for an iPhone 4 case that offers a little bit of artistic flavour along with the usual protection, well how about the brand new iTattoo case for the iPhone 4?

The iTattoo case for the iPhone 4 is a new iPhone case featuring a “unique graphic design concept” that compliments the Apple logo on the rear of your iPhone and has been designed by ‘CEMENT PRODUCE Design’ and features six differing designs.

The iTattoo case snaps easily to the iPhone 4 and provides scratch protection, is a lightweight and minimal case giving direct access to all the iPhone 4 features.

The six iTattoo case styles for the iOS smartphone are, Highway, Dress it, It is iPhone, Main Dish, Don’t feed birds, and Keyboard, whilst the case itself is manufactured in polycarbonate and measures 117 x 60 x 11mm.

Personally I think the iTattoo case for the iPhone 4 add a little artistic flavour to the iPhone without going way over the top like some cases out there, but no doubt that’s down to personal choice. Anyway if you would like to own an iTattoo case for the iPhone 4, the accessory can be purchased from the Charles and Marie website and commands a price tag of €35.

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