Join Google+ Without Invite and Add Me For Mobile News

Google+ has been in been in beta stages for a while now, but you will all be happy to know that you can join Google+ (Plus) without invite.

If you visit the Google homepage you will notice something a little different, can you see that big blue arrow pointing up to the Google tabs? Obviously the blue arrow for me shows my name as Mark+ because I am logged in to Google.

Is the big blue arrow going to encourage customers to come flocking to the Google+ social network? I say it is a good start, and can see it doing very well indeed. When it was in beta the network was getting many joining with invitations sent out via other users, now that it is public we can see it going through the roof and then some.

So far 927 people have added me in Google+ and it is rising at a nice rate, Facebook was not a nice place to add business and pleasure but Google+ seems to work well for me, it is clean and very easy to navigate, the option to have multiple circles is a good addition. If you have friends make a circle called friends, if you have technology sites you wish to add, then just make a technology circle, it is that simple.

You can start hangouts being it text chat or via device camera and microphone, I have been on here throughout the beta stages and not once had a problem, chatting is respectable, reading articles posted by others is great and spam is pretty much non-existent.

Google+, FaceBook etc is a personal preference thing, very much like a mobile smartphone of choice, some prefer iOS and some prefer Android. It is still great to have a choice, why not give Google+ a chance and see what it does for you.

Please join me Mark Chubb from Phones Review, add me right now by visiting me right here on Google+.

If you do add me, please do let all your friends know. I will not bang on about my profile page as I will leave that up to you to decide if you like or not.

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