Android Tablet Not Big Enough? How About The MegaPad: Video

Most tablets are of the 10-inch or lower size and perhaps that limited tablet size isn’t really what you are looking for, perhaps you find a 10-inch screen such as the Apple iPad confining and would like something larger, well apparently Android can do that for you so you can get the bigger picture when watching those movies.

Enter a neat little mod by a modder called Martin Drashkov, courtesy of the guys over at Android and Me, who has now taken the Android tablet size to the extreme with a 23-inch touch screen, a device he calls the Android MegaPad, a video of which we have for your viewing consideration below.

Apparently the Android MegaPad only cost him 600 bucks to build, and he constructed the oversize Android slate in his kitchen of all places. According to Drashkov, the Android MegaPad’s bigger screen will enable “simultaneous use by two users,” and also “open up new possibilities that demand different apps.”

Obviously the Android MegaPad can’t be called a portable device so isn’t really a tablet as such, but was apparently constructed using off-the-shelf components, and runs the Android Gingerbread operating system, although he hasn’t let on how to build the massive Android slate.

Anyway it again just goes to show what someone can achieve using the Android platform, so all that remains is for you to head on down and mash that play button to check out the 23-inch touch screen Android MegaPad in action…enjoy.


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