O2 UK New Twitter MMS To Share Photos

O2 has launched a brand new service called Twitter MMS; this will allow users to share photos on Twitter by using MMS. There is no need to go into detail about this service because it is very simple indeed.

O2 and Twitter have joined hands in a new project to customers the best of both worlds, sharing photos is so simple now thanks to Twitter MMS. All customers need to do is take a picture using their mobile phones and then submit them of to Twitter for all their followers to see.

It is very simple to use and users can share photos by sending desired photos via MMS to a short code.

To set up the new service, all customers need to do is log into their Twitter accounts and associate their mobile phone number, once customers have done this all they need to do now is share your photos, this is done by sending them to the short code 86444. The messages will be taken from any MMS bundles they may have or charged at the standard MMS rate.

Marketing & Consumer Director at O2, Sally Cowdry said “we know how much our customers love using Twitter via their mobiles and this service will make it that much easier to capture those special experiences and instantly share them with their followers.”

This new O2 Twitter MMS service is all thanks to a company called the BlueVia developer platform from Telefonica, and it is this that allows MMS APIs available to Twitter.

If you are using this new service we would love to hear from you, your opinions helps us and of course our readers understand if the service is good or not. Please use the commenting area provided below, thanks.

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