iPhone 5 Shipments Possibly Affected Due To Touch Panel Problem

Well now, whether or not Apple will officially announce the iPhone 5 at their event on October the 4th is still up for debate, with some saying more than one iPhone will be unveiled whilst other say Apple wont unveil the iPhone 5 but rather just the iPhone 4S. Either way, when Apple does release the iPhone 5 ity appears shipments of the iOS smartphone may be affected.

According to the guys over at The Next Web, the source of most rumours Apple, DigiTimes, is claiming that iPhone 5 touch panel maker Wintek is having an issue with said touch panel production called “delayed bubble” that is only detected later on in the process.

However, apparently as the manufacturing process of the iPhone 5 panel is similar to that of the current iPhone 4 touch panel, Wintek expects to get the problem sorted rapidly, and states that all products are being delivered on schedule.

Apparently this “delayed bubble” defect is difficult to avoid during panel production especially when not detected during the lamination process and only when assembly is underway says an unnamed source, who also says that Apple is aiming to ship between 25 and 25 million iPhone 5 units in Q4.

Wintek only produces roughly a quarter of touch panels for the iPhone, while TPK Holdings produces between 60 and 65 percent, with Chimei Innolux picking up the remainder, so perhaps Wintek’s problem wont have a great deal of affect in initial shipments of the iOS device once Apple releases the much talked about handset.


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