London 2012 Olympics Mobile Phone Blackouts Expected

London is always a busy, bustling and crowded city, but next year London will become even busier when the London 2012 Olympics kick off and apparently if you are thinking of attending the Opympics in our capital don’t expect to be shooting off a multitude of texts and such from your mobile phone.

The reason apparently according to Ubergizmo and by way of The Telegraph, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London has admitted that due to the volume of people coming to London for the Olympics, various Olympic events might experience mobile phone blackouts.

Johnson says, “We are doing a huge amount of work to ensure there is enough coverage. But we have got to be realistic, in the men’s 100m final people want to download huge quantities of data which will put a massive strain on the networks. We are looking to install enough masts and have enough physical infrastructure and coverage for the huge demands, I am confident we will crack it.”

Apparently London 2012 sponsor BT acknowledge the problem, and Chris Bruce, the chief exec of BT Openzone says, “it will be challenging at peak times because a very large number of people will be doing everything at once and that puts a strain on the capacity.”

However BT by the time the London 2012 Olympics kick off BT will have rolled out “500,00 WiFi hotspots” some of which will apparently be free.

Whatever happens no doubt some who attend London 2012 will have issues with their smartphone as is usually the case no matter where there is an overly large gathering of people such as New Years Eve and such.

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