Do You Know About Rogue App Prices

Millions of users download apps everyday, but do you know about rogue app prices. There have been a couple of cases where customers have been charged for smartphone apps with the customer even knowing about it, well at least without their consent anyway.

The two cases of smartphone apps that have charged customers without their consent was found via the premium rate regulator (Phonepayplus), plans have now been issued for protecting users from such rogue traders in the industry.

BBC News reports that in one case, such apps can sent automatically to the user and the received text messages could possibly cost the user £4.50 each.

Phonepayplus has already started consultations on these proposals, where consent, password requirements and clearer messages to prevent children buying items.

Paul Whiteing, Phonepayplus chief executive said, “We need to be nimble and flexible in our approach. We know that the best regulation is one that works collaboratively with industry to pre-empt problems that harm consumers and damage markets,”

Have you ever installed an application without the knowledge that you were going to be charged, if this has happened to you we would love to hear from you?

Phones Review Say’s: This has not personally happened to us, we always make sure how much the app is before installing, never have we had an app sent to us via a text message. If we did receive a text message of an app we would NOT download it under any circumstance. Be careful in what you click within a text message before downloading anything; always go to your app store supplier like iTunes or the Android Market for example. Be vigilant and you will stay clear of rogue apps and its costs.

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