iPhone 5 Expectation Sees Japan’s KDDI au Site Dump Android

Well now, recent rumours have it that Japan’s KDDI au service will be gaining the next generation iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5 sometime next year, and it appears that the KDDI au website, which was to show off their Android platform smartphone has been prematurely booted as HDDI au gear up to receive the iPhone 5.

According to the guys over at The Next Web by way of Asiajin, is what appears to be a bit of a slap in the face to Android, HDDI has removed everything to do with the Android platform from their Android au site as it gears up to receive the iPhone 5.

Apparently the Android au website showed popular Japanese boy ban Arashi videos promoting KDDI’s Android line up but now apparently the all that has been given the order of the boot and all that remains if a phrase that when translated roughly says “Android au site has finished,” and shoots visitors off to the firms au website.

So does this move mean that KDDI au will no longer offer customer Android devices but rather will only offer the next generation iPhone? Although apparently word from KDDI when it comes to the iPhone 5 is the usual “no comment.”

I’m not too sure why KDDI au felt that they had to dump the Android website in order to promote the iPhone 5 once it comes along, and is isn’t clear why they can’t offer both Android and the iOS handset side by side, any thoughts?

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