Jelly Invaders iOS App Available, Jelly Defense Coming 29th

Remember way back when, spending hours down at the local arcade battling invaders from space in the classic Space Invaders game? Well now you can get a similar experience to that classic game on your iPhone, and Apple iPad with the Jelly Invaders app that is already available from iTunes.

The Jelly Invaders app for iOS devices enables the user to confront wave after wave of parachuting jelly creatures falling from the top of your screen, and shoot them out of the skies and send them right back to the jelly jars where they belong, much like the original Space Invaders game.

However there is a twist of the game with jelly Invaders, as the trick is for the user to use the correct coloured shot from the jelly cannon to hit the right coloured jelly parachutist, otherwise the jelly creatures will land and game over.

Jelly Invaders for the iOS platform features 2 gaming modes, Tactical and Survivor along with unique game music, Game Center rankings and achievements, and HD graphics for the Retina Display.

The action wont stop there though because as of the 29th of this month a new title is being released, Jelly Defense, a new app that will enable users to join forces in their battle against the jellies requiring proper tactical skills and wisdom do drive the invaders back and save the “Diploglode, a planet inhabited by the jellies.”

Currently you can download Jelly Invaders from iTunes as a free download and Jelly Defense will be available globally from iTunes as of the 29th of September.

We have a couple of promo videos for your viewing pleasure below one of Jelly Invaders in action and the other of the upcoming Jelly Defense that will be available for iPhone, the iPad, Android and Mac, so head on down, mash those play buttons and check out the footage before grabbing the apps…enjoy.

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