Amazon Android Tablet Unveiling In 2 Days Time

For quite a while now we have been hearing that Amazon is to step into the tablet arena by delivering several Android bases slates at some point, and I would appear that at least one of those Amazon Android tablet could well be unveil in two days time on the 28th of this month.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo and by way of Market Watch, Amazon has scheduled a news conference for the 28th of September, on which the speculation is Amazon will unleash their tablet PC to compete against the Apple iPad.

The word is the Amazon tablet will sport a 7-inch, 9-inch or 10-inch touch screen display and run the Android operating system, presumably Android 3.2 Honeycomb and will be offered at an affordable price point although just how affordable that may be remains unclear, however a recent report did say the Amazon slate would be offered for “hundreds less” than the Apple iPad.

If the rumour of the Amazon Android tablet coming in “hundreds less” that the Apple iPad 2, then one could expect the Amazon slate to be offered for around the $299 mark, but whether that price pint would be for the 7-inch, 9-inch or 10-inch is unclear.

However, as a recent report has it that the Amazon 10.1-inch slate isn’t due production until Q1 of 2012, its unlikely Amazon will be unveiling that particular size, so it should be either a 7-inch slate or 9-inch slate.

Will Amazon offering an Android tablet capture the interest of the Android faithful enough to become successful? I guess that depends on what the tablet has to offer feature wise and whether Amazon do offer it at a competitive price to draw in customers, especially during the run up to Christmas.

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