Amazon 10.1 Tablet Production Starts Q1 2012

Phones Review Quickie: Apparently it will be sometime next year before we get to see the Amazon 10.1 inch tablet come out to play and take on the likes of the Apple iPad in the tablet wars, but if recent reports that claim Amazon is going to push out their slates at a price hundreds less that the iOS tablet, maybe they will have a good chance of challenging Apple.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of DigiTimes, mass production of the Amazon 10.1 inch tablet will begin in the first quarter of 2012 with Foxconn handling the production, yes the same manufacturer that also supplies the Apple iPad and iPhone.

However, the recent rush on the HP TouchPad does go to show that if the price is right and low enough people will snap up a tablet over the Apple iPad, presumably because many still can’t afford Apple gear due to their high price, so perhaps if Amazon does indeed come in with a much lower price tag than the iPad, they could well give Apple a run for the money.

However, the rumour is if you prefer to own the 7-inch Amazon slate, the device is still on track for a release sometime in October according to sources, so perhaps we’ll be able to judge Amazon pricing for their slates when that one hits the shelves.

Of course if Amazon does deliver their 10.1 inch slate during Q1 or after then no doubt it will probably be going up against the Apple iPad 3 so that may prove to be a hard challenge for Amazon’s 10.1 incher, but its all in the pricing as they say.

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