HP TouchPad Final Batch US Bound Not For UK

It appears that HP are going to deliver a final batch of the HP TouchPad tablet presumable still at that very attractive 99 buck sale price point, however if you happen to live anywhere else other than North America and haven’t managed to get hold of a cheap webOS slate then it looks like you’ll be right out of luck.

According to an article over on The Register, although it is know that HP will put out one last batch of the popular low priced slate, the guys over at Mobot, that final batch is destined for North America and won’t be coming to the UK.

Apparently the guys spoke to the PR agency that deals with HP and apparently the final batch blog post made by HP was US specific, so basically meaning if you’re anywhere else other than the US don’t expect to get one.

As you no doubt know the HP TouchPad flew off shelves over in the US where it saw a price drop to $99, and had the same rapid effect over here in the United Kingdom when the price fell to £89, resulting in almost immediate sell outs.

But if you are in the UK and hoping to pick up one of that last batch of dirt cheap HP TouchPads then you are going to be disappointed, unless of course you nip over to the US in the desperate hopes of picking one up before they sell out again.

However, as the rumour is Amazon will be offering their new tablet devices at quite a bit less than the Apple iPad in the region of “hundreds less”, perhaps it may just pay to hang on and see what attractive pricing old Amazon slaps onto their slates when they become available.

Obviously in these hard economic times, the most attractive thing with tech gear is probably how much a device will dent your wallet for, and it looks like Amazon at least has recognised that, but who knows maybe a nice low priced Amazon tablet may kick off a tablet pricing war in the future.

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