Google Doodle 13th Birthday Prompts G+ iOS & Android App Question

Seeing as it is Google’s 13th birthday we thought we would ask you a question about its latest project Google+ (Plus). We will chat about the Google+ iOS app and Android app.

Google started thirteen years ago January 1996; the project was started by none other than PhD students at Stanford University in California named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The Google search engine was called at first BackRub.

The name “BackRub” was then changed to the name we know today as “Google”, it was all started thanks to a misspelling from the word googol, which means number 1 followed by 100 zeros, this is where Google was born.

Anyway, the latest project Google started and very much popular is the new social networking site called “Google+” also spelled Google Plus.

There is an Android app and an iOS app for this social network and we would love to know what one is more popular. We probably know the answer but nether the less we still want to ask you.

The Google+ social network is a growing success; so far to date it has over 50-million users, with a growing rate of around 4 percent per day. This service was in beta stages for a while and you could only have an account if you are invited; well now Google+ has gone public and the growing rate and popularity is ten-fold.

Google+ is so popular just like Facebook that you can install apps onto your iOS or Android mobile devices.

The applications feature real life sharing, add people to your Circles, visit your stream for updates via your Circles, upload videos, photos etc, Mobile Hangouts allows users to have live video chat with up to 9 friends on the go,

The Android app was updated September 20, 2011 and the iOS app was updated on September 23rd. The update now includes: Bug fixes in mobile hangouts, Set profile photo, Join hangouts from the mobile app, Huddle is now Messenger, Send photos in Messenger, Long press on posts in stream to +1, share and mute, Improved video playback support, Improved public search for people, Reliability improvements in Messenger, Improved +mention support, as well as Granular push notification settings

You probably know all about the Google+ apps, what we would like to know is what application do you use. This allows us to find out if you use iOS or Android devices. Simply scroll down a little to our poll question and click the relevant answer field. Thanks

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