iOS 5 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich Survey

This is where we get down to business and ask you one simple question for our iOS 5 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich Survey, do Phones Review readers prefer iOS 5 or ICS?

Looking at a report via Phones Review colleague James that he published earlier, shows that 43 percent of smartphone owners are Android owners. Looking into this a little further it has been reported that in the last 3 month 56 percent have an Android device, only 28 percent has the iPhone.

This basically say’s that the Android platform is more popular than iOS, these findings via Nielsen are quite interesting. This is why we are now asking our readers if they are looking forward to the new iOS 5 or the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update by Android.

Could the above figures change once iOS 5 has been released (Expected to be announced October 4th), this is something we have to wait and see, but at least we can start our own survey and ask you for your answer.

Main things to look out for within iOS 5 has to be the new Voice Assistant and Speech-to-Text, these are the two main features that looks very promising and most welcomed by Apple device users.

Ice Cream Sandwich is what all Android device users are waiting for; one smartphone it will be released on is possibly the Google Nexus Prime by Samsung. Google’s Android ICS is expected to release late October possibly early November.

Possible Android Ice Cream Sandwich Features: The fusion of tablet and phone software, Open source, new UI and hardware with no buttons, multi-core architectures, Linux 3.0 kernel, Music purchases in Market, More speed and More performance, Google TV integration, Chrome OS integration, Built-in theme engine and much more. It is possible that it could have backward compatibility, better gaming experience as well as new features for camera. Visit Android and Me for more details about specifications and features.

Main iOS 5 Features and Possibilities: We already know about the 200+ new features within iOS 5, but we are expecting to see the new “Voice Assistant” to release, “Speech-to-Text”, visit Apple for the full 200+ features. We will let you know if any new features come to light for iOS 5.

Anyway back to basics, this is a simple survey for all Phones Review readers, we would like to know if you are looking forward to the iOS 5 or Ice Cream Sandwich releases. Please take a look at our poll below and click the relevant answer field. Thanks

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One thought on “iOS 5 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich Survey”

  1. Android 4 ICS! No doubts.

    Google must work harder and faster, making next versions of Android FASTER.

    It’s marketing: if something’s version is 4.0 and something’s version is 5.0, the latter looks superior, even catching-up that thing 4.0 > ios5 and Android 4.0.

    Google Chrome very quickly passed competitors’ versions, mourning them in the dust.

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