BlackBerry Plans To Knock iPhone 5 is Needed

Where is BlackBerry now? Is a question many wonder about, come on do not say you do not think the same things. Personally we believe BlackBerry plans to Knock iPhone 5 is needed and fairly soon.

We can all remember the days when we searched for BlackBerry news, went over to other websites such as BerryReview and CrackBerry and there was loads of articles covering RIM and BlackBerry, in fact we here at Phones Review used to get plenty of email press releases, that does not seem the case anymore.

It seems that Apple’s iOS and Android devices have taken over, and with Apple about to release the new iPhone 5 and iOS 5, and new Android smartphones coming via Samsung, Motorola and HTC etc where does this leave BlackBerry?

BlackBerry has released a few new handsets, such as the Bold 9900, Curve 9360, Curve 9860, but none of these are what you call amazing are they.

If you visit GigaOM they report that 52 percent of BlackBerry customers will move on over to Apple for the new iPhone 5, so it seems that the iPhone 5 will have a great following, Android will get a piece of the customer movement as well.

BlackBerry really needs to pull something out of the bag, we suggest they have a hard long think about this and put together some great out of the box ideas, and then make it happen.

Here is a mad thought, current BlackBerry owners and we mean the loyal ones will not like this idea but here goes anyway, how about BlackBerry coming up with a new design smartphone so to break away from the normal handsets that all seem to look relatively the same, another suggestion such as talking with Google, and implementing the Android operating system into BlackBerry handsets.

We say Android because Apple is quite hard when it comes to sharing with others, can you see Apple’s iOS on another handset? Not a chance, so that just leaves Android really because the rest of the operating systems are not that great, it is all about iOS and Android, so Android could be the OS that saves BlackBerry.

Basically in a nutshell, BlackBerry needs to redesign, maybe think about knocking on Google’s door to see if there is a possibility of a BlackBerry Android device.

Please let us know if you think it is the end of the road for BlackBerry, we would also like to hear a few ideas from our readers what BlackBerry needs to do to survive in this harsh market.


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Plans To Knock iPhone 5 is Needed”

  1. yoour gramer is a sucks. This article is pointless and shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. Blackberry has fallen off? Many people in the business world still use blackberry today and when naming the list of new blackberries you fail to mention the torch, there new 4g touchscreen/keyboard phone. Im not here to stick up for them, I am an iPhone owner and have been for the last 4 years but was forced to use a blackberry the last month and it is far from bad, and put Android OS on blackberry? Please tell me that part was a joke. Hey Ferrari(DROID), do you think we could use your new engine and put it in our new Lamborghini model(BB), even though we are competitors in this market. Please, Bentley(APPLE) said no. This article is useless. FAIL.

  2. Sadysady says:

    If this post is typical of the standard of writing on this site, I’m not surprised RIM don’t send you any press releases. Your writing reads like it’s been poorly translated into English and that’s being kind.

    As for BB, reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated, fan boy critics may not like  them, but they sell very well in the UK. Most people have two year contracts, they want a solid, reliable phone that will last: enter the Blackberry.

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