Hitachi 4.5-inch LCD 720HD (1280 × 720) Display for Smartphones

Hitachi Displays are going that extra mile to bring customers fantastic display screens for smartphone, so much so they have just released the new 4.5-inch LCD 720HD (1280 × 720) display for smartphones.

The new amorphous silicon TFT IPS LCD HD displays with 1,280 × 720 pixel are for 4.5-inch types, the TFT a-Si TFT will provide great viewing for users eyes.

These screens are at their limit for the human eye, website ‘Impress’ (Google Translated) explains that these screens are at 329ppi it (pixel per inch), 1,000:1 contrast, 16 million colours, brightness is 500cd / m 2 and reproducibility 70% (NTSC ratio).

Impress also say: “a-compatible with high definition in the Si, which can support strong demand for the smartphone market. The same display to be held at the Pacifico Yokohama from 26 to 28 10 “FPD International 2011” be exhibited.”

Hitachi have been hard at work to create aperture of each pixel, this was done to lower the amount of backlighting required, we are not sure when these Hitachi 4.5-inch LCD 720HD (1280 × 720) displays for Smartphones will be released.

Seeing as the Samsung Galaxy S II HD is in the works, it would make sense to see these Hitachi screens on this smartphone. As soon as we know more we will let you know more.

What future smartphone would you like to see these display on, please do let us know by heading on down to the comments area below. Thanks

Source — Slash Gear

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