Mobile Accessories: Pocket Boom Speaker Hands-on Review

There are millions of mobile phone accessories on the market, and we try to find the best ones that stand out and review them. We have the Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker in black, the gadget that turns any surface into a speaker.

Thanks to MobileFun.co.uk they sent us the Pocket Boom speaker, we will let you know all about it covering first impressions, design, key features, positives, negatives, overall summary, and where to buy etc.


The Pocket Boom vibration speaker can convert any surface into a speaker by simply placing the vibrating end to the surface, such as a window, box, door, table etc. We will talk a little more about this within the review, the Pocket Boom works like any normal speaker, but this one amplifies vibrations to penetrate surfaces, simple but effective.

It does need to be stuck down to a surface of your choice, it requires two AAA batteries, and you can also power the device via the USB cable it comes with.

First Impressions

The moment we took it out of the box a few words came to mind, such as charming, cute, simple and stylish. Personally did not want to take it out of the box as did not want to let the style be ruined by the sound. Ok here goes; it is the time to test the little bugger.

In the Box

The box contains the Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker, How to guide leaflet, USB power cable, and Replacement sticky pads. It does NOT come with the AAA batteries.

The Design

Right it is out of its box now, so what do we think of the design? Got to say the same words like we said above; charming, cute, simple and stylish, basically not too big, not too small, it is light and looks great.

It does come in many colours but we have the black model, the sleek matt finish on the Boom looks and feels fantastic, the 3.5mm jack plug and cable tidies away within the unit, the cable with the vibration end rotates to release to give you adequate length.

The Key Features

The Pocket Boom turns any surface into a speaker, magic sticky pad attaches firmly to wood, glass and more, it is small enough to carry around with you in your pocket or handbag, takes AAA batteries to give you many hours of great music, and comes with a standard 3.5mm jack that should work with most mobile devices.

The Positive

On a positive note we have to say the design is amazing, the way it feels is a darling to hold, and dependant on what surface you stick it too you will receive quite good sounds, it is fun and we loved showing it off to family and friends.

The Negative

Like the opposite of above, certain surfaces give you in a nutshell, a terrible sound. The sticky pad idea is a good one but even after wiping with a cloth it loses its stick after a while, hopefully you can get replacement sticky pads, which no doubt you can. Other than that, there are no more negatives.

Our Very Own Test

We tried multiple surfaces with the Pocket Boom, we tried double glazed windows, solid oak doors, honeycomb hollow doors, boxes, plastic bowls, MacBook Air metal surface, glass and wood tables, headboards, even tried a number of fruits such as apples, oranges and melons etc.

The number one slot for the best sound is a medium sized empty box, second place was same size box with stuff filling it, then came the hollow wooden door in third. The best two fruits was a water melon, which you cannot really carry around with you now can you, even an apple had a cool tinny sound to it, loved it that our apple made music that we ate afterwards.

Phones Review Overall Summary

We are a little torn to tell you the truth, in that we mean would we buy one or not, thinking back to the positives and negatives we would have to say yes. Do not take us the wrong way, because the sound is not what you call amazing, but it is fun just trying to find the best surface to get sound from.

We really love this device even though it does not give you the best sound in the world; it basically has that fun factor about it. When we showed a few people how it worked they was impressed how it performed. In a nutshell if you are looking for unbelievable sounds, do not buy it, but if you are looking for a product that provides good enough sound to listen to your music on any surface, then the Pocket Boom is for you.

Where to Buy and Price

You can buy the Pocket Boom vibration speaker via MobileFun.co.uk for only £14.99, which is a fantastic price for a cool product considering RRP is normally £29.99. Please check out the video below our hands on photos of the Pocket Boom strutting its stuff.

More Hands-On Photos


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