Samsung Copying Apple Is Turning Into A Joke

No doubt everyone in the mobile space knows that Apple is in a bitter battle with Samsung over copying the look and feel of the iPhone and Apple iPad, and Apple is attempting to get Samsung gear banned across the globe, but in reality the people who actually purchase those devices don’t really care whether one device look like another.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung is heating up as both Verizon and T-Mobile have now come down on Samsung’s side, and today we have an image from the guys over at Reddit that shows the similarities between Samsung and Apple gear.

However I do have to say this all seems to be turning into somewhat of a joke, when people pick up on such things as a phone power adapter looking the same which seems somewhat petty to me to say the least as a cube is a cube, and Apple does own the right to that shape as far a I am aware.

Then there’s the packaging of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad, both look similar yes, but the big difference is the Samsung packaging say “Samsung Galaxy Tab” right on the front of the box, so there isn’t really any mistaking the devices, so what’s the big deal?

The images goes as far as to show what’s seen once you open the packaging, and yes both tablets look similar laying flat inside the box, what do they expect, Samsung to package their Galaxy Tab on its side?

There’s also a comparison between cable connectors, but against although the shapes are similar there are is a difference as far as I can see as the Samsung name is on one of them so obviously an iOS user wouldn’t pick up the Samsung cable.

Then there’s the voice recording app, big deal, so what, the microphones look different, so what’s the problem, most microphones look the same anyway, so get over it.

Of course the first image is of a Samsung store with Apple icons on the wall? Hello isn’t Samsung supplier of Apple components, so again what’s the big deal, who cares if Samsung has a couple of Apple icons plastered on a shop wall anyway?

In my humble opinion, the differences are there if you want to see them, the biggest difference being the name on the packaging when it comes to people purchasing their chose device, you are not going to get someone walking into a store for an iPhone or iPad and mistakenly come out with a Samsung Galaxy S II or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or visa versa, in case you didn’t know, the public have a brain and know what devise they want.

Rant over; feel free to voice your opinions on the matter if you wish to our comments area below. If you have enjoyed this Phones Review article feel free to add me your circles on Google+ and I will of course add you back.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Copying Apple Is Turning Into A Joke”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It`s about time they got together for the good of technology,instead of fighting and wasting finances, as thats what it is, wasting money..you can bet the Lawyers are laughing though

  2. Simon says:

    “you are not going to get someone walking into a store for an iPhone or iPad and mistakenly come out with a Samsung Galaxy S II or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or visa versa”

    Well, now that Samsung is using the same store concepts like Apple’s, the chance that it happens, has increased.

    “ in case you didn’t know, the public have a brain and know what devise they want.”

    Since the several recent brainless lawsuits (suing because a beta program does not work well, or injuring yourself on a glass door/wall and suing the owner) I’m not sure anymore whether the public does have a brain…

  3. Megha Jain says:

    Now when apple has won…..he has full right to rejoice But there is mark difference between apple and Samsung even no matter how both they look. apple is and will always be the apple of our eye!!

    1. matthewbennion says:

      Apple shouldn’t have won. Why? Because they haven’t created anything new. There was phones, touch screen phones, tablets, square shape etc. Apple just wants to push everyone out the way so they can make more money.

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