Apple Worried Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Take iPad Customers

Well it appears that finally Apple has come clean on the real reason they are battling so hard to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned across the globe; it’s not about copying or about patents but about Apple fearing they’ll lose customers to Android and the Samsung made slate.

According to an article over on The Sydney Morning Herald, Apple lawyers apparently told the Australia court that the company fears the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would release to the market “with the velocity of a fire hose, and will apparently “take away iPad 2 sales so quickly” there is a possibility that customers could be permanently “seduce” from the iOS platform.

Justice Annabelle Bennett apparently inquired why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been singled out when there are other Android slates on the market, to which apparently the Apple lawyers responded, “this is vastly the one that is going to target the iPad 2.”

The Apple counsel went on to say, “This is going to be launched on the market with the velocity of a fire hose, and [the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is] going to just come in and take away iPad 2 sales so quickly that by the time we get to the final hearing the full impact of the patent infringement will be [felt] to the detriment of Apple and the benefit of [Samsung].”

Word is Samsung has asked for sales data that shows the effect the Android Honeycomb Galaxy Tab 10.1has had on Apple iPad 2 sales in other countries, but Apple declined and Justice Bennett agreed with Apple.

Samsung’s lawyer stated that “People will choose either to stick to Apple because you like Apple and you like the operating system and you like the link to iTunes and so on. Or you want a completely different system and you’ll move in the direction of Android.”

However Apple is of a different opinion and claims that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will only gain market share at the expense of Apple and that other Android competitors such as Motorola and Acer are “irrelevant.”

Thus it seems that Apple is using the patent infringement excuse to simply remove any challenge to their Apple iPad 2 sales, as obviously they seem to be very worried that the Samsung slate is so good it can pull customers from iOS.

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