Contractor Expenses iOS App for Released

Phones Review Quickie: If you are an IT contractor or freelancer that keeps an expense account and own an Apple iPhone you might like to know that a new app has now been released to the App Store called Contractor Expenses and has been specifically designed for IT contractor or freelancers.

The Contractor Expenses iOS app is an advanced expenses and mileage tracker that reduces data entry and simplifies tracking and submitting mileage and expenses claims.

The Contractor Expenses iOS app enables the user to attach a photo invoice/receipt, record VAT/sales tax, and enable repeated expense items such as setting your mobile bill to repeat on a monthly basis, auto calculate mileage based on configurable mileage rates/limits and cumulative calculation of miles driven.

The Contractor Expenses app for the iPhone also offers expenses and mileage export as an XML file, or configurable order CSV including zipped and attached photo invoices.

The Contractor Expenses iOS app currently focuses on the United Kingdom, and after receiving user feedback intend to support the United States, Canada and Australia sometime in the future.

For those IT contractors and freelancers who wish to take advantage of the Contractor Expenses app for the iPhone the application can be downloaded to your device from iTunes at a cost of £1.49.

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