Apple MobileMe service now back online: was yours down

Customers who use the Apple MobileMe service may have encountered problems, the service was down for a while but is now back online and we would like to ask you if you were affected.

Thanks to UberGizmo they reported that the Apple MobileMe service was down for a while, the problem that occurred was down to the current system status page at time of publishing points towards, web apps and Find My iPhone, it was these that got the brunt of the downtime.

Apparently around 25 percent of MobileMe users were affected just on the email front, if you visit the Apple’s official “System Status” web page you will now see a message saying “All MobileMe services are online – Last updated: 09/30/2011 04:33 PDT”.

We are not sure how bad this was and how widespread it was, this is why we are kindly asking all our readers to come forward and let us know if you had problems with the Apple MobileMe service.

Could it be down to the launch of the iCloud service, or something to do with the Apple media event about to happen on October4th? The outage had to do with something; we do not know the answers but would be lovely to know so we can share with you all.

Once again, please do let us know here at Phones Review if you were affected by the MobileMe service outage. Tell us what your problem was so we can get a clear understanding.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My MobileMe was down most of the day yesterday, and now that it’s up, all of the mail that was in my inbox has disappeared. I’ve been waiting on Live Chat-Support-Apple for well over an hour, and am getting a lot of “All AppleCare MobileMe Advisors are busy taking other chats. An AppleCare MobileMe Advisor will join this chat shortly. Thank you for your patience” messages as well as “We are experiencing longer than usual hold times. An Advisor will be with you in a few minutes. We look forward to answering your questions.” Hopefully they can fix this.

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