Apple iPhone 5 / iOS 5 Media Event Worldwide Times

As you know, the Apple iPhone 5 Media Event is kicking off October 4th, it will start at Tuesday 10am Pacific Time in San Francisco, so what about the worldwide times just so you know.

Obviously everyone around the world would like to be a part of the Apple media event, where the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 will be unveiled. This is the first big event of the year since Steve Jobs left Apple, new CEO Tim Cook will be the front man to reveal all, would be nice to see Steve Jobs there watching how Tim Cook gets on.

Below is the screenshot of the worldwide time zones, this way no one should miss out, San Francisco kicks off at 10am Pacific Time, London UK starts at 6pm GMT as so is Lisbon, for the full list please click on the image below top make it larger.

You really do not want to miss out on the big event of the year 2011, this is going to be hot and we will give you up-to-date coverage of the event to keep you in the know, this is going to be hot stuff you really do not want to miss.

Please let us know if you will be with us on October 4th for instant updates, we will be giving you multiple news articles covering the event and products.

Just wish to say thanks to iPhoneism.com for the Apple media event worldwide timetable. Thanks

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