iPhone 5 silicone cases, are AT&T placing orders

AT&T must be placing orders for iPhone 5 silicone cases, this tells us that at the Apple “Lets Talk iPhone” event this Tuesday the iPhone 5 will most definitely be revealed, would be kind of strange if Apple announces the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5 considering these cases have turned up at AT&T Stores.

Looking at the new iPhone 5 cases below you can clearly see a new redesign, the cases now show a tapered design and this sort of proves that the new iPhone 5 will have a curved design.

The mute button seems to have been moved, the cases show that its has been moved to other side, wonder if the volume buttons will also act as the camera button?

Surely these iPhone cases are for the iPhone 5 seeing as it says so on the box cover, there are som many rumours floating around and it is very hard to tell what ones are real and what ones are fake. Tuesday will be the day all is revealed and we have faith in Tim Cook to announce the iPhone 5.

We believe that that new iPhone 5 will feature a larger screen, home button will have a little design change, better front and rear-facing cameras will apply, and iOS 5 will come pre-installed. We could reel off loads of new specs that we would like but we will wait for the official news.

If Apple does not unveil the iPhone 5 on Tuesday October 4, we can see a lot of Apple fans being rather ticked off. If they do not release the iPhone 5 will you move on over to the Google Android corner?

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Source – MacRumors

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