Apple keynote live blogs, countdown to October 4 event

The Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” will start in less than 28 hours time now, so we thought we would give you a few details about Apple keynote live blogs and their streams, this is what we call the countdown to October 4 event so that you do not miss out.

If you read on, you will find out how to follow the Apple event live and get the best coverage via blog streams.

Some of the blogs that we will mention below will give you live streams giving all the details you need about Apple’s announcements tomorrow, which hopefully will include the iPhone 5, possibly the iPhone 4S, iOS 5 and more.

Many blogs covering such events have to be refreshed to get the latest info via the event live; one of our favourite live streams has to be via Engadget. You can turn their stream on or off, if you switch it to off you will have to refresh, otherwise leave it on and it will update itself, please visit Engadget’s website for their live stream tomorrow (10am Pacific Time).

Thanks to Product Reviews they recommend sites such as ZDNet and T3, both of these websites use the brilliant “Demand Media” live blogging platform, basically this means the live stream will update in real-time, no need to refresh pages here.

Gizmodo is another good source, their live page is called “The new iPhone 5 Liveblog”, Gizmodo believe that this Apple event could be the biggest one yet, they suggest that the iPhone 5 will get its announcement and that new iPods will get a mention as well, as well as iOS 5 and iCloud.

As you may know, after the October 4th Apple event finishes tomorrow you can visit the official Apple website for the Apple keynote video for “Let’s Talk iPhone”

After all that said above, you could just stick with us here at Phones Review where we will be giving you all the news coverage via multiple news articles.

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Will you be following Phones Review tomorrow, or will you choose another website with live streams? Here is a thought, it would be fantastic if there was a live HD video stream tomorrow, read more about this here.

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