O2 Healthy walking app, how many calories

O2 has just released it brand new app for iOS devices called “O2 Healthy”, this app is all about walking. O2 Health launched ‘Healthy’ to gain awareness to all those in the UK to start walking. How to burn calories whilst having fun seems to be a very good idea.

The new mobile application from O2 Health was announced at Cancer Research UK’s Shine London 2011, and offers users a fun way to stay healthy through walking. This is a free app for iOS devices, we love the fact that it keeps track of all users progress whilst walking, the app will display walks on a map as well as letting you know how far you have walked.

We also love the fact that this new app helps reduce cancer risk, cuts the risk of heart disease, walking will increase cardiovascular fitness, this application will also help improve bone density, boost metabolism, cuts stresses down a lot and will also help users lose weight or at least keep the weight off.

It also lets users know how many calories they have burned off; it records if you are improving or not as well.

O2 Healthy as said above adds the fun factor within the app, it comes with a Keep me Walking’ button that adds this fun, it will provide users with random jokes, facts about walking and rewarding progress made with badges to collect adds that little extra boost.

You can share progress with family and friends via Facebook directly from the App. You can visit the App Store (iTunes) to download the O2 Healthy app for free, an Android version of this app will be coming soon, and as soon as it is released we will let you know.

If you already have this app installed on your iOS device, please do send in your personal reviews.

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