iPhone 4S N90A Possibly Pictured

Well now what do we have here, apparently images of the cheaper version of the iPhone, reportedly the iPhone 4S, which apparently looks just like the iPhone 4 and this picture was apparently take in the Foxconn factory in Brazil, no signs of any iPhone 5 thought, which is the device everyone is waiting for.

The supposed iPhone 4S with the model number N90A comes our way courtesy of Ubergizmo and by way of Gizmodo whose Brazilian brother site managed to get hold of the exclusive images that don’t really show anything new.

Both the iOS smartphone shots look to be the same as the current iPhone 4 design wise, but the last picture (below) is apparently of a “Foxconn Brazil quality control form” that shows this particular model has the N90A model number, a number that has previously been rumoured to be associated with the cheaper iPhone 4S.

However, according to the guys, these particular iPhone 4S units won’t be sitting on shelves waiting to be picked up anytime soon due to failing Apple’s manufacturing standards, and apparently have been classified as “reprovado,” or disqualified section due to stained lenses.

Of course the big thing everyone is waiting for come October the 4th if Apple dishing the dirt on the iPhone 5, but there have been plenty of rumours flying around that maybe Apple won’t come forth with the iPhone 5 and only unveil the iPhone 4S, something that is always a possibility as Apple always plays everything close to their chests.

We haven’t yet seen any real images that could possibly be the iPhone 5 and a great deal of info on the device has been based on speculation rather than actual fact, but if Apple does push out a cheaper iPhone it will at least be good for those that currently ant but can’t afford an iPhone.

Having said that, if Apple does only reveal the iPhone 4S and not a new redesigned iPhone 5 there are going to be quite a few annoyed and disappointed iOS faithful out there.

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